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About the Treasury Barometer

Enigma Consulting and Rabobank joined forces in 2014 to launch the Treasury Barometer™. The annual Treasury Barometer presents the latest trends and developments in the corporate treasury landscape. It is an independent survey for and by treasurers. An Editor Panel, consisting of corporate treasurers, has been established to monitor the quality and relevance of the Barometer.

The treasury function plays a critical role in many large organisations. The dynamics in financial markets, regulations, technology and banking infrastructure continually challenge the treasurer to provide new and enhanced ways of adding value to the business. As a consequence, the role of the treasurer is evolving.

In addition to the Treasury Barometer report, Enigma Consulting and Rabobank will be organising a number of Round Tables. The purpose of these Round Tables is to enter into a dialogue and to share experiences with corporate treasurers on the various trends and developments.


Do not understand the complexity of regulations


Expect a higher price for funding due to Basel III


Use a TMS to support their
treasury operations